Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Review - Goodnight Mr Tom

This book review is written by Salem.  He really enjoyed reading this book.

Goodnight Mister Tom  by Michelle Magorian

This book is about William (Willie), a London evacuee in WWII.  He was sent to a small country village called Little Weirwold.  He was billeted to stay with Mr Tom Oakley whose wife had died and he had become a loner.  Willie's mother was abusive towards him and covered him in bruises from beating him as punishment.  Mr Tom was very kind to Willie.  They become friends.  Willie learns about country life, he really loves it.  Then his mother wants him back and Willie doesn't want to leave Mr Tom, and Mr Tom doesn't want Willie to leave.

Willie's mother whips and whips him when he returns to London.  She neglects him and locks him away under the stairs.  Then she leaves him there under the stairs with no food for a week while she goes away.
Mr Tom is concerned that he has not had any letters from Willie so he catches a train to London and finds out where Willie lives.  When he gets there the house is locked.  Mr Tom and the police break into the house and find Willie locked away under the stairs.  He is in a terrible state and they take him to the hospital.

Mr Tom kidnaps Willie from the hospital because they were going to put him in a children's hospital and takes him back home to Little Weirwold.  Everyone is pleased and excited to see him again.  Mr Tom and Willie are the best of friends.

I won't tell you the ending.  I really liked this book, it's a great story and I recommend this book a lot.  I think people 10 years old to adult would like this book.

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