Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Three

Our third day and all is going well.
It has been very hot and the salad (oslo meal) is going down a treat.  Salem really enjoys it.
It is also nice and easy to prepare and while there is plenty of fresh salad available we may as well stick to this.  It's also too hot to think of preparing anything else.

Breakfast was weetbix and milk with a cup of tea as usual.  Dinner was fish cakes, lettuce, more leftover veges and gravy.  Yum.  The fish cakes are just made with mashed potatoes, small amount of cooked and flaked white fish with parsley.  Then coated in breadcrumbs and fried in some margerine.

A little after dinner we went for a nice walk in the cool evening air for about an hour.
We did this yesterday evening as well. We like to walk alot but the weather has been to hot so the evening is perfect.  Salem has fallen asleep alot quicker tonight and last night as well.
We will try to do this every evening, even in the rain which is forcast for tomorrow afternoon
and the rest of the week until after New Years.  So it will be very humid - hot and sticky.
I will make some jelly for tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day Two

It's our second day on our rations.
Breakfast and lunch were the same as yesterday.
We are in the middle off summer so really aren't really wanting anything cooked.
I'm having to not drink as much tea as I usually would as I won't have enough milk.
Salem has plenty and is quite enjoying having so much.
He even enjoys having the codliver oil.
We have been drinking a lot of water with ice cubes because it has been quite hot,
not having our usual fizzy drinks.

Dinner was more leftover vegetables from xmas day.
I heated them up in the frying pan with a little margerine and served it up
with silverbeet and gravy.
I made the gravy with a very basic gravy powder with some vegemite
and a little margerine.
I don't think we will get through all our margerine, butter and cooking fat this week.
I think once the weather gets a bit cooler we will want some
baked goodies and some roasts.

I have been doing alot of research online and we got quite a few books from the library.
I've also ordered a couple of books online, one being "Nella Last's War".
Can't wait until it arrives.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Our First Day of Rations

 Today is Boxing Day and we start our wartime rationing. 
We started the day with some weetbix and cups of tea with milk and sugar from our allowance.
I drink alot of tea and am thinking will I have enough milk as I can't stand drinking tea without it.
But then I also have dried skim milk, enough for a pint.

 For lunch we had the Oslo Meal each.
I used to live with my grandparents alot of the time, and this is what I had for lunch alot of the time.
My grandparents lived through both world wars.
This was a blast from the past.
We also had a small glass of orange juice each. 
We have some left over from our xmas treats.

 We weighed out our rations, especially our lolly allowance.

Dinner was some spinach and Bubble and Squeak made from yesterdays leftovers.
Bubble and Squeak is just leftover veges fried in some margerine.
Had a small glass of strawberry syrup in water.
We actually had a lot to eat today.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome to my new blog.

His is my first post on this blog.
My son and I have decided to challenge ourselves and live on the rationing of food which
was in effect in England during WWII.

We were given this idea by the television program "Supersizes Go...Wartime".
This gives my son the opportunity to study how life was during that time and also to experience some of what it was like to live then.

He is very excited about this.
We went to the supermarket on Tuesday and bought our supplies and rations and he had a ball!!!
We had to tink of how may points we had for extras and with our combined points
(20 all together for the month)  bought a tin of soup, a tin of fruit salad and a tin of condensed milk.
We didn't go as far as looking for dried egg, I don't even think you can buy it here,
 as we do have our own chickens.
We are both vegetarians so didn't buy any of our allowence of chops (2 each).
Vegetarians were allowed extra cheese  and an extra egg each week.
Children were also allowed an extra egg and extra milk bringing their milk allowence to 5 pints.
This is more than what my son has now.

Today we bought some cod liver oil which children had every day. 
We could only find capsules so he will be having 3 every day.
He bit into one to taste it and actually liked the taste.

We will be starting our rationing on Boxing Day so that we can have our Christmas treats.
I will be putting up the recipies that we try and tell you how we are doing and what
books we are looking at to find all our information.
This should be a lot of fun