Sunday, April 21, 2013

Going to Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 and We are Back and Blogging

Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 was held over the Wellington Anniversary Weekend ( January 18th - 20th) at Hood Airport in Masterton.

We had to get up very early and catch the train into Wellington and then caught the specially put on train to Masterton.  It was the train that is used for the Capital Connection from Wellington to Palmerston North.  Much more comfortable than the usual Trans Metro train.

On the train.

It was a very nice trip, Salem has only been out this way once before and that was in 2007 which he doesn't really remember too much.

I prefer the train as the car ride over the Rimutaka's to get there is very winding I always get car-sick.
Salem was very excited about the train ride and getting to see all the planes.

Making tiny paper planes.

He spent a lot of time looking at the scenery and making minature paper planes.

Over the next few posts, I will be posting some of our photos that we took at Wings Over Wairarapa.
I used up nearly all my SD card and Salem who was using a proper film camera, used up many rolls of film.

It was very mild when we arrived in the morning but turned out to be a hot scorcher of a day.
Even though we both put on sunscreen, be both got very, very sun-burnt.

When we first arrived we were greeted to planes flying above us in formation.
The joy and excitement was written all over Salem's face.
We found a good spot to watch quite a few flyovers before we went off exploring.

So the photos on this post are of the sight that greeted us as we arrived.
There were so many people there, and more and more arrived as the day went on.

Luckily I had made us a picnic lunch and plenty of snacks, a flask of tea and plenty of water.
There were long lines of people at the food and coffee venders.  I was dying for a coffee later in the day but I couldn't be bothered waiting in line for half an hour or so.  Though it would be something I would have had to do during wartime for everyday items.

It was a fantastic day out and we would have loved to go back the next day.
Can't wait until next year!!!!!!

We have been very slack with our blogging lately, life has been very busy but we are back into blog-mode
so watch this space..............

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