Saturday, June 9, 2012

Food Points

Along with your rationed foods, you had 16 points per person per month to buy other foodstuffs and goods.
We have been using these points to buy our tinned goods and other staples.  I've looked at many different websites and there are varying amounts of points allocated for the same items so I am using this following list for our purchases.

Even though Salem and myself don't eat meat, Grumpy Teenager does.  We will eat fish though.

Meat products  16

Tinned stewed steak  20
Tinned fish  16
Tinned veges  4
Tinned peas and beans  3
Tinned fruit  4
Tinned soup  4

Nuts  12
Dried fruit  16
Oatmeal  4
Cereal  8
Dried peas  4
Dried beans  4
Rice  2
Pasta  4

Sago, tapioca and semolina  2
Custard powder  8
Jelly and blancmange  8
Table cream  8
Condensed milk (1 pint)  2
30ml Olive oil  1
30ml Salad oil or cream  1

1 tablet of soap  1

We are very lucky that we have chickens so we don't have to ration our eggs,  we have had to cut down a bit as it is winter over here and the chickens aren't laying as much and they have taken to laying in hidey holes around our back yard.  Naughty girls!!!!!

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