Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mmmmm...... Egg Sandwiches

Today's lunch.

During WWII, in England, eggs were rationed to one per week, vegetarians had two.  You really had to decide what you wanted to use your egg for.
You had to make do with powdered egg for the rest of the time.
If you had your own chooks, like we do, you weren't so restricted but you had to give up your egg and egg powder rations for chook food which would be hard in winter when they hardly lay, if at all.

Last night I boiled up some eggs so I could make egg sandwiches for me and the boys today for lunch.  Well needed after this mornings ballet lesson.  We came home starving.
I slept in a bit to long to make porridge for breakfast and toast just didn't fill us up for long enough.

I know putting in a recipe for egg sandwiches seems a bit silly but this way you get more sandwiches for your egg.  And very tasty too.

Egg Sandwiches

Hard boiled eggs (as many as you want or have to spare)
margerine (1/2 to 3/4's the volume of the eggs)
fresh herbs -  parsley and/or chives, spring onions or celery leaf 
salt and pepper

In a bowl, place your shelled hard boiled eggs and the margerine. 
I like to have the margerine at room temperature as it makes mashing easier.
Mash both together with a fork so it is nicely combined but not too smooth that you loose the nice bits of egg white.
Add finely chopped herbs, what ever you have.  No set amount, I like lots.
Plenty of salt and pepper.

Make sure you do season well, as you want your sandwiches to be tasty.
It is ready to spread on your bread, no buttering necessary, as thickly as you like.
The flavour developes more if you leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours before spreading.

Cut the crusts off your sandwiches and cut into triangles for a posh lunch or afternoon tea.
Remember not to throw out the crusts, use them in something else, like croutons.

I hope you enjoy this as much as the boys and I just have.

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