Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day Two

It's our second day on our rations.
Breakfast and lunch were the same as yesterday.
We are in the middle off summer so really aren't really wanting anything cooked.
I'm having to not drink as much tea as I usually would as I won't have enough milk.
Salem has plenty and is quite enjoying having so much.
He even enjoys having the codliver oil.
We have been drinking a lot of water with ice cubes because it has been quite hot,
not having our usual fizzy drinks.

Dinner was more leftover vegetables from xmas day.
I heated them up in the frying pan with a little margerine and served it up
with silverbeet and gravy.
I made the gravy with a very basic gravy powder with some vegemite
and a little margerine.
I don't think we will get through all our margerine, butter and cooking fat this week.
I think once the weather gets a bit cooler we will want some
baked goodies and some roasts.

I have been doing alot of research online and we got quite a few books from the library.
I've also ordered a couple of books online, one being "Nella Last's War".
Can't wait until it arrives.

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