Monday, December 26, 2011

Our First Day of Rations

 Today is Boxing Day and we start our wartime rationing. 
We started the day with some weetbix and cups of tea with milk and sugar from our allowance.
I drink alot of tea and am thinking will I have enough milk as I can't stand drinking tea without it.
But then I also have dried skim milk, enough for a pint.

 For lunch we had the Oslo Meal each.
I used to live with my grandparents alot of the time, and this is what I had for lunch alot of the time.
My grandparents lived through both world wars.
This was a blast from the past.
We also had a small glass of orange juice each. 
We have some left over from our xmas treats.

 We weighed out our rations, especially our lolly allowance.

Dinner was some spinach and Bubble and Squeak made from yesterdays leftovers.
Bubble and Squeak is just leftover veges fried in some margerine.
Had a small glass of strawberry syrup in water.
We actually had a lot to eat today.

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