Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome to my new blog.

His is my first post on this blog.
My son and I have decided to challenge ourselves and live on the rationing of food which
was in effect in England during WWII.

We were given this idea by the television program "Supersizes Go...Wartime".
This gives my son the opportunity to study how life was during that time and also to experience some of what it was like to live then.

He is very excited about this.
We went to the supermarket on Tuesday and bought our supplies and rations and he had a ball!!!
We had to tink of how may points we had for extras and with our combined points
(20 all together for the month)  bought a tin of soup, a tin of fruit salad and a tin of condensed milk.
We didn't go as far as looking for dried egg, I don't even think you can buy it here,
 as we do have our own chickens.
We are both vegetarians so didn't buy any of our allowence of chops (2 each).
Vegetarians were allowed extra cheese  and an extra egg each week.
Children were also allowed an extra egg and extra milk bringing their milk allowence to 5 pints.
This is more than what my son has now.

Today we bought some cod liver oil which children had every day. 
We could only find capsules so he will be having 3 every day.
He bit into one to taste it and actually liked the taste.

We will be starting our rationing on Boxing Day so that we can have our Christmas treats.
I will be putting up the recipies that we try and tell you how we are doing and what
books we are looking at to find all our information.
This should be a lot of fun


  1. How do you know how many points some foods are? I have been wanting to try rationing myself but I am totally lost on how many points the different foods are.

    1. Hi there, I have looked at a lot of different websites and have come up with a list which I have just posted so have a look at that. Tomorrow I will do a post of some interesting sites to have a look at for recipes etc. It's been a very interesting and enjoyable experiment which we have decided to keep doing indefinitely. Even the Grumpy Teenager.
      I hope my new post will be of some help.