Monday, December 3, 2012

Chemically Speaking Part III

The following is from an article which appeared in The Red+Cross War-time Rationing Cookery Book  which was printed around 1944.

This is part three and I will be posting the last part tomorrow.  
It gives a good outline of chemicals which the body needs for health and how to get them.
As meat was heavily rationed, it gives mainly vegetable sources as a way to get these nutrients especially for iron.

16 Elements for Health and Beauty Part III


Chlorine helps the system to get rid of poisons.
It is found again in spinach, lettuce, egg yolk, cucumber, and a piece of the latter should be taken at the beginning of breakfast, for it's valuable cleansing, eliminative properties.


This is the element which helps the teeth and bones, and promotes good circulation.
It is found in milk, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, raw egg yolk, turnips and turnip tops.


Prevents constipation and is found in vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, lettuce, parsley and also blackberries.


Sodium is alkaline; it works with potassium, and helps the digestion.
It is found in celery, cabbage, spinach and lentils.


This element brings refreshing sleep.
Anyone who is tired cannot look and feel the picture of health.
People who are tense and "live on their nerves" need magnesium, and they can take it in whole wheat (there are many tonics and medicines containing the wheat germ; ask your doctor).
Lemons, grapefruit, spinach, potatoes and other vegetables also contain natural magnesium.


Iron is important.
It guards one against anaemia, and acts as a tonic.
The iron foods are all green leaves, especially spinach, watercress, lettuce, also carrots, raisins and egg yolk, herring roe and liver, and grapes.

Part IV, the last one, will be posted tomorrow.

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