Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the hunt for old loaf tins

I've been having a look in every op-shop nearby to try to find some old/vintage loaf tins.
The reason for this is that out of the three loaf tins that I own, two are modern non-stick ones which when I last cooked with them, the non-stick coating came off onto my loaves.

I was not impressed especially as I always grease the tins anyway.
So I am not going to buy any new modern ones as I really don't trust them and I don't really like the silicon ones either.
So I think that next time we are in Wellington, we will have to check out some op-shops and hopefully I will have some luck as I don't like to use the oven just for one loaf.
There is room for three loaves then I do a batch of biscuits.

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