Monday, December 3, 2012

Chemically Speaking Part IV

The following is from an article which appeared in The Red+Cross War-time Rationing Cookery Book  which was printed around 1944.

This is part four and also the last part of this article..  
It gives a good outline of chemicals which the body needs for health and how to get them.  
As meat was heavily rationed, it gives mainly vegetable sources as a way to get these nutrients especially for iron.

16 Elements for Health and Beauty Part III


This is the gland regulator; wrinkles and drawn faces suggest a deficiency of iodine.
And the enlarged thyroid gland in the neck is sometimes treated with drops of iodine in water ordered by a doctor.
Iodine foods are onions, shrimps, salmon, egg yolks, spinach and pears.


This is the youth preserver, the protector against infectious diseases.
It helps to protect the enamel in teeth, and is a strong antiseptic.
It is found in egg, cod liver oil, watercress, veal bone broth and oatmeal.

For those who are curious about why fluorine(fluoride) may have been included, check out some more information at:


Lack of silicon is said to produce baldness and bad nails.
It should be included in your diet by having spinach, carrots, wheat and barley and almonds.


Manganese is said to be deficient in the stutterer.
Tomato juice is a good way of taking this, for it also has potassium and iron.
Canned tomato juice is as good as fresh, provided, of course, it is taken out of the can as soon as it is opened.

By a good, mixed diet of fresh and dried fruits, with some milk for breakfast, a large raw salad for lunch; and then steamed vegetables, with some form of protein in the way of meat, fish, eggs or cheese, you will be providing yourself with all these elements without much difficulty.
Water should be taken freely between meals, but not with food.

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