Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Trifles - A Poem

I came across this poem which I would like to share with you.

The Trifles

We drove - we never liked to walk,
The shortest distance was too far.
A wheel felt pleasant in our hands,
We simply loved to drive a car.
And so we found it hard at first,
To wait at corners for a bus,
But after doing it for months,
We know it has been good for us.

We drank our coffee good and strong;
We always liked two cups, or three,
And often, in the afternoon,
We had an extra cup of tea.
And so we found it hard, at first,
But now we'd almost blush with shame
To think that anyone we knew
Would hesitate to play the game.

We liked our bacon brown and crisp,
With lots of butter on our toast.
Without a thought we order up
A juicy steak, a five-pound roast.
We'll find it rather hard, at first,
When rationing begins in May,
But there are lots of substitutes
To cook upon a meatless day.

The things we do are trifling things,
We still have plenty, safety, ease.
We still can say the things we think;
We still can worship as we please.
Ours is the smooth and easy path,
While, for our safety, others fight -
The little burdens that we bear,
Beside a knapsack, are so light!

Dorothy Dumbrille, in the 'Montreal Star'