Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Aircraft of the Day - The Aichi D3A

The Aichi D3A

The Aichi D3A - Japan
By Salem

An important aircraft in the success of the Japanese Imperial Navy was the Aichi D3A was was code-named "Val" by the Allies.
It was an all metal dive bomber.
It's main bomb-load was slung on a crutch which swung forward during the attack dive.
The Aichi D3A served in many battles including the raid on Pearl Harbor and attacks on the U.S. bases in the Phillipines.
The Aichi D3A also sank more Allied warships, including the cruisers the Cornwall and the Dorsetshire, than any other Axis aircraft during WWII.

Salem has really been enjoying learning about the aircraft of WWII.
We looked up how many different aircraft there were and there were hundreds so he will be doing an Aircraft of the Day for quite a while.
Looking at this blogs stats, the Aircraft of the Day is proving quite popular, so thank you to everyone who has been having a look.
Check in again tomorrow.

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