Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ration Hint of the Day - Number Twelve

This next hint is not intending to be a replacement for a fire extinguisher to be kept in the kitchen.
Not all of us have an extinguisher, if you do, make sure it is the correct type.
The wrong type is as dangerous as throwing water on a fat fire.
I was a chef for many years and always made sure we had a large salt container by our stove tops.

Ration Hint No. 12

Putting out a fat fire.

You may never have had the fat in a broiling pan catch fire or a pan of fat catch fire, but accidents will happen and a fat fire is an obstinate fire.
Don't ever try to put out a fat fire with water.
Water and fat will not mix and water will only spread the fire.
Take the salt box and throw salt on the fire.
Just keep throwing on a handful of salt and the fire will soon go out.

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