Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ration Hint of the Day - Number Sixteen; Plus Oats, Wonderful Oats

Ration Hint No. 16

How to use baking powder in recipes that call for sour milk and soda or other leavening agents.

You can use baking powder in any recipe that calls for sour milk and soda by using sweet milk and 2 level teaspoons of baking powder for each cup of flour the recipe calls for.
This will give you perfect results with the recipe.

We have been doing a lot of cooking this week, have filled up the biscuit tins and made sweet and savoury loaves for a quick breakfast and/or lunch.
Grumpy Teenager is loving his slices of buttered loaf for school lunches.

Tomorrow I will be trying a brown bread recipe using baking powder instead of yeast.
It looks very quick and easy to make.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

We have been using a lot of oats.  
They are very versitile and great for porridge, anzac biscuits, vegetable and oatmeal casserole which is on an earlier post and as a replacement for mince beef or lamb, yes a meat replacement, in many recipes.

"Mince" on toast.

In the Vegetable and Oatmeal Casserole I ended up using a whole cup of oats instead of the couple of tablespoons and added more water and we all loved that, sooooo I experimented in using the oats in other recipes instead of meat as Salem and I are vegetarians but the Grumpy Teenager isn't.
I find that 1 cup of oats is more than enough for the three of us and I cook them up as per making porridge and then add a stock cube and/or some vegemite (or marmite) and stir it all in.
Then I use it in whatever recipe or creation that I am doing for dinner.
Fabulous as mince on toast with either tomato or gravy sauce.
It's well worth experimenting with.
I'll post my "mince" recipes tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe. I add oatmeal to my mince all the time to make it go further, and I use it to thicken casseroles. It's great that it absorbs the flavour so well.