Friday, September 7, 2012

WWII Aircraft of the Day - The Henschel HS 123

The Henschel HS 123

The Henschel HS 123 - Germany
By Salem

The Henschel HS 123 was a small German war plane.  It was virtually un-used between 1939 - 1940.
It was then taken out of service in 1940, but soon the Germans began to wish that they had kept the old  Henschel HS 123 in production rather than withdrawing it from front-line service.
It was finally re-called for the fight against the Russians. Then when one Luftwaffe commander insisted in no uncertain terms that production should be re-started immediately, it was discovered that all the tools and construction jigs had been destroyed.  The Germans then had no alternative but to press back into service the remaining Henschel HS 123 planes.

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