Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WWII Aircraft of the Day - The Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth Flypast at "War Birds Over Wanaka" New Zealand

Salem is studying about the aircraft used in World War II and we thought it would make a great addition to this blog as we are making this a big study about all aspects of life during this time.
Salem, being a typical boy, just loves studying all the aircraft and other military weapons and vehicles from this period of history.
First up is the Tiger Moth.....

The Tiger Moth - Britain
By Salem

The Tiger Moth

The Tiger Moth was one of the most famous trainer planes ever.  Built mainly of wood and covered almost entirely in tough fabric, it first flew in 1931.
In the years before WWII it was used by flying schools around Britain.
The Tiger Moth's secret was it's low cost and reliability and in WWII it had found itself being used for anti-aircraft training.
After the war, the RAF declared them obsolete and they mostly ended up on the civilian market.

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