Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Balanced Diet

Back in 1944 the New Zealand Department of Health new a thing or two about a healthy diet.
They issued these notes about what a healthy diet should be for the average New Zealander.
Very similar to the various incarnations of the healthy food pyramid we have had over the years but I think this is a very simple and to the point guide.
When did we forget such sound advice????

This is a Balanced Diet

MILK:  2 glasses for adults daily.  3 or 4 for children.
Drink it cold - used it in hot drinks - in soups, puddings and sauces.
Used dried skim milk for cooking.

EGGS:  (When you can get them)  3 to 5 a week for each member of the family.
Eggs used in cooking to be counted.
When eggs are short, eat more liver, kidney, peas, beans, lentils and cheese.

MEAT or CHEESE or FISH:  (Don't forget liver and kidneys) One or more average helpings (3 oz) daily.

GREEN VEGETABLES:  One big helping daily for everyone.
Boil them quickly in a little salted water and without soda.

FRUIT:  Some fruit each day or tomatoes in season; at least one fruit or one tomato should be raw.

POTATO AND ROOT VEGETABLES:  One good helping of potato once daily.  
Cook in jackets and let the family peel them.
Yellow vegetables as often as you can get them.

CEREALS AND BREAD:  Oatmeal for breakfast - wholemeal bread - "wheat germ" sprinkled on porridge or stewed fruit.

BUTTER:  Supplement the ration with other fats, such as salted beef dripping.

Use any other foods to satisfy hungry appetites, but try to get these into the day's food.

BALANCED MEALS:  Build and repair your body.
                                         Keep you fit and in good health.
                                         Give you energy for work and play. 

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  1. The main difference between this pyramid and todays is that fat and root veges are given more room, dislodging grains from the base as the main calorie source. And offals are specified.
    This "pyramid" is much more nutritious than today's - we have to ask, what went wrong? When did healthy eating stop being about nourishing people, and become an experimental way of medicating them?