Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet the Girls

Our lovely ladies of the backyard

We have had a few days rest from doing any posting which has been quite nice as we are very busy at the moment.  Salem is doing a lot of extra dance practice as he has his ballet exams this coming weekend, so we have been making extra trips up to the gym so he can use the dance studio there.
We have also been interviewed for a Christmasy article that is to appear in "That's Life" magazine.

With Ted the bantam and two little eggs

We are about to start making some xmas goodies - xmas cake, presents for our family and xmas decorations - as soon as the exams are done and dusted.
Otherwise life is as usual, making and eating yummy wartime meals, tending to household chores and enjoying our pets, especially our very silly and very cute bantam hens.

Zebby about to hide in the comfrey

So I thought I would introduce your to our beautiful girls
Zebby, Tiger, Ted and Blackie.
Our four lovely ladies have done us proud with eggs this year, laying right through winter with at least one egg a day, now it's up to two or three a day.

Tiger and Blackie play follow the leader

Over the last few weeks, they have been taking turns in going broody, our three little black ones have all had their turns, and now it is Zebby's turn.  She's the black and grey one.

Let's find Zebby

We all love their tasty little eggs.  Small and packed with flavour.
I find that they are perfectly fine in all my cooking and I don't add more eggs to my recipes to make up for the small size of the eggs.

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