Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Children and Fatigue

"Fatigue is an important factor in preventing the proper flow of digestive juices and the muscular action of the alimentary tract.
Children who are fatigued by remaining out of bed too late in the evening, whether it be for purposes of doing homework, or for following the serials on the radio, or the excitement of the cinema are likely to suffer from the effects of malnutrition as if they were getting improper food."

'Good Nutrition' 1944

Just as true now.
Rest is just as important as good regular meals.
I really notice the difference between my two boys.
They both eat good nutritious meals at home and one has a quick read in bed then goes off to sleep, the other plays x-box or is on his laptop until late.
We all know who has the most energy and staying power throughout the next day!!!

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