Friday, November 16, 2012

Make Do and Mend - Rag Rugs

Made with old sheets
I made this for the dining room.

In the spirit of Make do and Mend, I needed some rugs for the floor, so I made my own.
The first one I made for the kids bathroom out of their old t-shirts and it turned out really well.

Bathroom mat made with old t-shirts.
Nice for the kids to stand on, no cold floor at night.
Very easy to clean, just pop in the washing machine.

So as I had a pile of old t-shirts which were full of holes or they had out grown them, I keep them to mend other clothes and for dusters etc, and thought that this is a brilliant idea and a great way to recycle them.
I will end up making rugs for every room I expect.

Work in progress, made with old t-shirts with no set colour
Something bright for the lounge.

I also had some old worn through sheets that were really beyond repair and made a lovely rug from those.
I really like the fraying effect.
Needless to say, I have spent many nights with my scissors cutting up material and making many balls of rug yarn.

Find your's and the kids old t-shirts, as many as possible.

Cut them up into a continuous ribbon, you decide how thick.
I find 1cm good for t-shirts, wider for sheets because they fray.

Join pieces together with a good knot.  You can sew them together
but I like the affect of the knots.

Use a large crochet hook to make a chain as long as you want
then treble crochet (I think in the USA it is called double).
I like to use a 8 mm or 9mm hook.
You can crochet in rows or go around.

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  1. More recently than the war, I used to make rag rugs and shopping bags by knitting long strips of Indian cotton my neighbours were about to throw away after making long skirts etc. during the seventies! I zigzagged the pieces on the machine before knitting or crocheting - in fact I still use the shopping bag. I enjoy your blog!